NOBODY Oozes Hatred Like a Leftist

Another example of leftist projection: They accuse you of “oozing with hatred” when you criticize the rampant irrationality, mass psychosis and totalitarianism overtaking our world.

Think about it. THEY are the ones who ooze hatred. They HATE America. Which means: they HATE freedom. They HATE liberty. They HATE self-responsibility. They HATE immigration, when it means self-responsible, courageous individualists entering a country with nothing but the shirts on their backs and having to learn how to take care of themselves, in total freedom. This very image makes them sick and causes them to shake with loathing. Hence the resulting rage, hatred and advocacy of dicatorship they now openly encourage, with all the masks off.

They cannot STAND the idea of independence, of competence, of achievement, of productivity, of wealth (other than their own, of course). And, of course, they LOATHE things that aren’t themselves. They LOATHE religion, even though their sycophantic allegiance to the unreasoned and unproven claims of Green religion tops the most fervent irrationality seen since the peak of the Middle Ages. They LOATHE happy families. They claim all families are dysfunctional by their very natures, and then they turn around and excuse or ignore — in some cases, even champion — child molesting and the physical mutilation of children before they’re old enough to have any concept of what’s happening.

They DETEST all who are not like them. They DESPISE people who don’t live in cities or in affluent left-wing suburbs. They openly say, in many cases, that America only needs the cities, not the truckers, the blue collar workers who voted for Trump, and certainly not anyone who owns a gun or a Bible or (in other cases) a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged or (heaven forbid) a copy of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. They reserve their most robust HATRED for anyone whom they believe should be like them — a gay person, a black person, any other “person of color” — who dares to disagree with them. In their minds, those are the first to go to the gallows. Right now, it’s just in their minds; but if the tone and content of Biden’s inconceivably irrational and hateful speech of a couple of weeks ago (the American Nazi speech) means anything at all, the real gallows are coming.

THESE are the people — these tortured, twisted, irrational, amoral and utterly intellectually dishonest, irreparably crippled souls — who seek to make reasonable, decent people feel guilty or ashamed by saying things like, “You’re full of hate.”

Nobody oozes hatred like a leftist. It’s because leftism/progressivism (or whatever you wish to call the monstrosity destroying our world) is, by its very nature, based upon the idea of destruction and mutilation for their own sake. All that you hold valuable, and all that you potentially might hold valuable — materially, psychologically, spiritually — is what they are after. It’s deeper than politics. That’s why it’s everywhere, not just in the government but throughout the media, all levels of schools, entertainment, sports, music … Destruction and mutilation of all things beautiful is their quest. And — so far — it’s working.

Don’t let the bad guys make you feel guilty. THEY are the bad guys. THEY are the ones guilty of ALL the things they accuse you of. It’s such a ridiculous and obvious form of projection that it’s hard to generate the motivation to even say so. But we have to say so; because if we don’t, they win.



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