You Can’t Love the Tyrants Away

Expressing and showing LOVE toward people who wish you destroyed is neither prudent nor moral. Morality consists of treating people as they deserve to be treated. When a group or movement promoting lawless control over others seizes power, and then ruthlessly and consistently attacks your values, your liberty, your property and your fundamental, inalienable right to live free of the initiation of force, then they deserve to be condemned and stopped, by whatever means is required to stop them. Totalitarian ideologues, in America today, are committing acts of war against everything and everyone who does not do their bidding in every respect. If you respond with pacifism and humility, then they’re going to laugh at you, crush and destroy you. That’s why they want you intellectually and literally disarmed (via ignoring or obliterating the First and Second Amendments).

These people in power, along with the people who support, fund, applaud and vote for them, are declaring war on you. They openly threaten violence against peaceful people who wish to be free, and who seek to limit the power of government. Do not kid yourselves–they are not ever stepping down. They will arrest and likely imprison all serious opposition, as we are seeing now with Trump. It’s a hard truth to face, but the evidence for these assertions grows every day. Remember: THEY started these attacks, not us.



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