“Emergency Powers” = Dictatorship

Here’s the thing. Once you establish the precedent that the government may SHUT DOWN ALL HUMAN ACTIVITY because of what it calls an emergency, then the stage is set for shutting down all human activity for any reason at all. Once you establish the precedent that the government, and the government alone, may define an “emergency”, then you are — from that moment on — living under a dictatorship.

If the flu can be considered an emergency, then surely “climate change” can be considered an emergency. And if the media will only report facts (or falseholds) that support the idea of it being an emergency, and if social media may forbid any debate or opposing views that question it being an emergency, then you’re really set up with all the intellectual and psychological infrastructure of a dictatorship. GET REAL. Especially you poor conservatives who still think that we’re not living under a dictatorship. We are.

Some blue state Governors (Delaware is one example) have kept their emergency declarations active, now well into year 3. They’ll concede that COVID — even by their out-of-context or made up numbers — is not an emergency right now. “But it could be.” So the fact that something COULD become an emergency — not just the flu, but anything else that upsets the Governor — now provides the justification for that Governor having unlimited, and permanent, “emergency powers.” That is a dictatorship!

You might say, “Well, I’m not forced to wear masks right now. And I’m still allowed to drive my gas car and heat my home with fossil fuels right now. So I’m not under a dictatorship.”

It doesn’t work that way.

Once a government has the power to do whatever it wants to do to you, IT IS AT THAT POINT A DICTATORSHIP. The definition of freedom is not when the government lets you be free; the definition of freedom is when the government’s ONLY task is to to make sure you stay free.

For a few generations, that was the case in America, for most. Now that’s over.




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