Your Credit Cards Now Belong to the U.S. Regime

The government may now order credit card companies to release information on gun or ammo purchases made by anyone.

If the government may now order credit card companies to tell them who’s buying guns, can’t the government also tell credit card companies to tell them who’s buying other things? Or who’s donating to candidates or causes the government does not like — Trump, for example?

The government of Canada has already frozen or seized the credit/debit card accounts of people who supported the Canadian truckers’ protest against COVID fascism last winter. Now the U.S. is joining them, in taking the step of ordering credit card companies and banks to tell on their customers, without any evidence or due process. We were told it couldn’t happen here. We have a First and Second Amendment; we have due process; we have Constitutional rights. The Canadians don’t, but we do. Yet the government of the United States is doing exactly what the government of Canada has been doing. And both governments — run by one party, perhaps permanently — are only going to get worse.

Doesn’t this bother anyone? Who still believes an election in November riddled with fraud and media deception — even if won by a party headed by Mitch McConnell — is going to take a principled stand against this?

Liberty is in real, real trouble. I don’t know what it will take to get people to wake up. And I’m talking here about conservatives, patriots and advocates of individual rights. Leftists and “Democrats” are all hopeless, ignorant authoritarians who will happily watch you taken to the prison camp if you offend their views. I have given up on them. But what about the good guys, just pretending nothing is going wrong? It’s like everyone is asleep … in denial and evasion.

These are very hard times to be a thinker, to be independent, or to be awake.



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