It’s Time to Stop Being NICE. America is Perishing.

“I don’t care about my career anymore. I care about my children and the country they’re going to live in.”

— entertainer Rob Schneider, on his decision to become an anti-woke dissident


Admirable attitude. Also smart. People in America don’t grasp that once their freedom is totally gone, their careers, their property, their family and personal ties all collapse. Happiness REQUIRES freedom. Freedom does not guarantee happiness, but your happiness cannot sustain itself without freedom.

Freedom is the oxygen your happiness requires. Americans are about to learn this the hard way.

If you love your children, you won’t bypass the battle for freedom so as not to make your stupid leftist neighbors, co-workers or family members upset.


If I hire an armed thug to raid your bank account and pay off my mortgage, I am a criminal.

If you hire an IRS agent (armed thug) to raid my bank account and pay off your student debt, I am supposed to call you a decent person.

That is one thing I will never do.

Even though I may be forced, at gunpoint, to surrender my bank account, I will NEVER pretend that YOU are a decent person.


“The media is lying this second.”
Bosch Fawstin


“Wokism is the religion celebrating stupidity.”
Tom Martin


If you wish to control others by force, you are a psychopath. If you merely vote for others to control others for you — you are a psychopath.


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