The Bill of Rights is Dead. Long Live the Bill of Rights.

When I predict Trump will end up in an orange jump suit, or that America will break up as a Union, most conservatives do NOT agree with me.

I WANT to be wrong. So I’m eager to hear the REASONS why I’m wrong. I really am. But so far, I have been disappointed. All I get are things like leftist-ish hostility: “If you’re going to be a defeatist, then shut up.” But I don’t claim that defeat is inevitable. Good guys can beat the bad guys without a problem — but not when the good guys are afraid of making somebody mad, as most of the good guys are.

Or I hear, “This is America. It can’t happen here.” This is magical thinking of the worst order. The whole reason for a Bill of Rights is to PREVENT it from happening here. In large measure, it worked for a couple of centuries. Where’s the evidence it’s still working? We’re clearly now a banana republic run by gangsters. I don’t know of any conservatives or other nonleftist dissidents who disagree with me. So if we are now a banana republic run by gangsters, then how are we supposed to hope that the gangsters are suddenly going to see reason, truth and justice and stop making up things to ensure that Trump goes to jail? And that anyone like him will be next in line?

I want to see the EVIDENCE that enough people are so fed up with what has gone wrong in our country that they’re not going to take it any longer. When I look at the EVIDENCE I see criminals and sociopaths — with unlimited power, unchallenged everywhere — doing what criminals and sociopaths do. None of it surprises me. What shocks me is how little opposition there is, and how weak the opposition is. Something is deeply wrong with us — or with our thinking, our basic premises and assumptions — if we can’t beat these people, or even give them a fight. Or, it’s even worse than that: Leftists are exploiting the best within us. Most of us are productive, hard working people, running small businesses, doing jobs the best we can, raising families, people who simply want to be left alone. We hope the miscreants ruining the world for us will eventually get tired of it and leave us alone. We put our bodies and minds into productive, meaningful work, while power-hungry sociopaths take over the world. THIS is what’s happening. Leftists know we love our lives. They hate life, they hate themselves (often with good reason), and they HATE us, because we’re happy, decent and mean no harm. That’s what they’re exploiting, through our inattention and benevolent sense that somehow good will triumph in the end if we just … wish it away.

Conservatives seem to fall into one of two types. One is the type who thinks (magically) that Trump is going to somehow save us. Why, even if they imprison him (as they’re clearly on a track for doing), he’ll somehow command the military and rescue us all from a jail cell. The other type of conservative thinks, “Trump has had his day, it’s time to move on to someone like DeSantis.” OK, then. How is DeSantis going to win the presidency? Do you think Zuckerberg and the governors of Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania will not engage in the same fraud they did last time? Do you think the Supreme Court is suddenly going to care? And even if DeSantis does win, how will he control the executive branch when Republicans, even before Trump, weren’t all that capable of doing so, since the executive branch IS now a “deep state” with bureaucrats and officials who are never, ever going to listen to directives that go against the power and interests of The State?

We now have the government Reagan was trying to warn us about. We now have the government Ayn Rand, George Orwell and others were trying to warn us about decades before Reagan. We now have the government that America’s founders wisely worried we would eventually get, if they didn’t get the Constitution and Bill of Rights correct. Nothing against those founders. They gave us a republic we were able to keep, for the most part, for the better part of two centuries. Nobody in human history ever pulled that off before them, not even close.

But it’s over now. We have to figure out where we go from here. The criminals are in charge. The Chinese Communist Party is in charge. Russia’s fascist dictatorship looms, not in Trump’s campaign but like cockroaches coming in after the war to snack. Sadistic freaks like Black Lives Matter — monstrous, evil hypocrites — are in charge. Billionaires are using the mayors and police to literally destroy all of our once great cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Pelosi, Schumer, Biden — they look like Satanic creatures out of a biblical tale. They’re almost caricatures; it’s like they’re not real. They get old, but they don’t go away and they don’t seem to die.

None of it is magical or mystical. It’s simply what happens when the good guys go to sleep. Too many of us are watching from the sidelines, hoping that the system that is now overrun with the sociopolitical equivalent of termites is going to save us. I hate to break it to you: That system is done. I think you good guys know this. The hostility and anxiety you express through wishful thinking simply reveals what your subconscious already knew.

This is not defeatism. This is just reality. It’s only through accepting reality that we can figure out what to do next. Secession? That’s my starting point. What’s yours? Or are you just going to pray and hope for the best, and keep saying some version of, “It can’t happen here”? Secession isn’t so radical. The media, culture and the entire federal government — along with a plurality of state governments — have already seceded from the Bill of Rights. They simply do not recognize individual rights any longer. They do what they want. In red states it’s harder, because non-RINO Republican governors do put the brakes on tyranny, but red states still have to deal with a federal government that no longer honors nor even acknowledges the U.S. Bill of Rights. That’s why I call Biden’s “administration” a lawless regime.

It’s not defeatism to state the truth. The bad guys have won — at least for now. Evil cannot triumph in the end. But it can win all the battles, especially when it has little or no fierce opposition. Trump, while so great and admirable in so many ways, clearly was not enough.

The only question remaining is: What are the good guys going to do about it? Placing your hopes in a Congress run by Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, career politician RINOs, probably isn’t your best hope. Trusting that SOMEHOW the FBI and DOJ will suddenly see reason and leave Trump alone, and suddenly fire those 85,000 armed IRS agents probably isn’t realistic.

You’ve got to start reimagining freedom in the United States. Because like it or not, that freedom is disappearing, right before your eyes. It’s falling faster than dominos. Stop being surprised at the next horror that comes, and start figuring out how you want to fight back.

The Bill of Rights is dead. Long live the Bill of Rights.



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