Leftists, Who Laugh Now, Are Sitting Ducks

America is an inverted country. Under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the government was supposed to be afraid of the people. Now, it’s the exact reverse. The people are afraid of the government. We are now 180 degrees from how America started, when Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and Americans rebelled against the British. The British government was not as bad as the Biden regime. And the Biden regime — along with its successors (Biden’s just a puppet, obviously) — is just getting started.

Today, the American people are afraid of the FBI — now an entirely politicized agency. The people are afraid of the IRS — now an entirely politicized (and armed) agency. Non-criminals are afraid of the police, who are no longer permitted to protect them from murder and theft; while criminals openly shoplift and kill, confident they will walk free after a Soros-picked prosecuter lets them go.

The only people NOT afraid of the government are the idiots (on the left) who support the government. They don’t, in fact, support “the government.” When Trump was in office, they were open insurrectionists. The minute Trump stepped down, they became blind apologists for all things Government.

They merely support their guys in charge. They support their guys in charge of a dictatorship.

Leftists and “Democrats” do not worry about dictatorship, so long as the guys THEY support are the dictators. Presumably, and sadistically, it’s a way for them to hold power over others. “I vote for Joe Biden. He imposes a dictatorship on YOU — not on me. So there.”

But sooner or later the dictator will do something these leftist fools don’t like. It’s only a matter of time. When Castro seized one party control in Cuba, as leftists have now done in America, he had the support of the entire media. He ended up jailing or killing all of them, eventually — except for the few who reported and said exactly what he wanted.

This is how dictators operate. Hitler and every other dictatorship throughout human history have done the same. Criminals and sociopaths are never to be trusted — even when they’re your guy.

Leftists are the ultimate sitting ducks, the ultimate example of, “It can’t happen to me.” They sneer and laugh at what’s happening to Donald Trump and — by logical extension — will happen to anyone who supports him OR opposes the one party oligarchy now in charge of everything.

But their time is coming. It’s only a matter of time. Karma will be a bitch.



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