Dick Cheney Exhumed from the Political Dead — And Now a Leftist Hero

The Swamp has dragged out George W. Bush’s former Secretary of Defense — Dick Cheney — to plead the case that Donald Trump is the greatest threat in all of American history … no, make that all of human history. He also hopes to play a role in fixing the Wyoming primary election so his anti-Trump RINO daughter can somehow stay in power, and (who knows?) maybe become President some day!

Good grief. I once thought Dick Cheney was at least OK. Does this former Defense Secretary really think Biden’s catastrophic annihilation of the U.S. military (not to mention the economy and Bill of Rights) is preferable to Trump? Why does evidence not matter regarding this baseless January 6 nonsense? How paid off is this man? How deep does his inner corruption go, to bring his hapless daughter into the mix? The Cheneys are another Biden crime family.

There are no good guys prominent in today’s world. We are saturated with evil.



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