Capitalism Is Not a “System”. It’s Simply FREEDOM.

“Capitalism isn’t a system. It’s merely free people exchanging goods and services with other free people for voluntarily agreed upon prices.” [Peter Fithian]

Spot on.

Capitalism simply refers to economic freedom from government interference. It’s not a system, and it’s not obliged to be a system. The obligation is on government, busybodies and criminals to STAY THE HELL OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES.


Unless your explicit goal is to destroy America, nobody can deny: The Biden Regime is a catastrophe.

If the American republic somehow recovers from all this, and private property, rationality, capitalism, individualism, self-responsibility and the Bill of Rights unexpectedly roar back into relevance … WHAT will future historians make of this era?


“When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.”

— Isaac Asimov


“Americans are fleeing Democrat-run cities in blue states and relocating to more affordable metro areas, in part due to housing costs and inflation that are pricing them out of their origin cities, according to a report from the real estate brokerage site Redfin.”

The same idiots will, in many cases, vote for the same policies in their new homes that caused them to flee their old homes. Example: Austin, Texas. It’s a vicious, unending cycle of incurable stupidity.


Someone asked: Do we need a dictatorship to get us out of this mess?

It’s not so much that we “need” a dictatorship but that we are living in a dictatorship already. The U.S. Constitution is no longer operative. That millions of us on the right — good souls, all of us — still persist in thinking we are in a free country, and that all we need is one good election to fix it all — well, it’s heartbreaking and stupid. If we are to survive, and if freedom is ever to make any kind of comeback, we, the good guys, must stop being stupid. Forget the law. Their law is not the Bill of Rights. These tyrants are lawless. We are at war, because they declared it.

Too strong a position, you say? Check back with me in a few months.




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