Pretending There’s No Election Fraud: BIG Mistake for Republicans

The unspoken consensus on elections, by Republicans, appears to be: Let’s not talk about fraud. If we don’t talk about it, then that means it never happened in 2020. And if we don’t talk about it, then that means it will NOT happen in 2022, or 2024, going forward. In other words: Let’s just pretend it’s business as usual, and that Trump can regain the presidency; or that someone like DeSantis could gain the presidency; or that Congress will SURELY be run exclusively by Republicans this time next year.

I believe this is a big, big mistake. Republicans are mostly crooks and phonies, but there are some good ones who can (and in Trump’s case DID) make a difference nationally. Yet if they’re “legally” kept from power by a brazenly broken, rigged electoral college system, where does that leave the part of the country who doesn’t want what’s happening?

We are a republic, not a democracy. In a republic, the government upholds rights above all. The rights of the individual trump even 99 percent who wish to enslave the individual. But we don’t even have a democracy at this point. At the national level, for sure, and on the local level in all blue states, it’s a hopeless, one-party system that lovers of freedom face. The existing system, as brilliant as it once may have been, will not save us.



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