Queen Oprah

Oprah’s father died. She wrote charmingly and touchingly about it on Instagram. For most people, losing your father is a big deal. But here’s my question: Why is it when a celebrity has something happen that’s a big deal, it’s like it’s the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT time that such a thing has ever happened? When a celebrity gets married, or has a child, or has some special joy or tragedy (as all human beings do), the celebrity is invited to talk about it like nobody on earth has ever done such a thing, and nobody else could possibly understand. It’s the language and attitude of narcissists. And — of course — it’s ONLY with the celebrities the media likes.

You will not find Donald Trump asked to discuss a triumph or a tragedy, because the media does not like Donald Trump (even though millions do). But if anything at all happens to Oprah … well, it might as well be the Queen, except no Queen ever was accorded such unconditional reverence as Queen Oprah. I find it all frankly sickening. I ignore most of it, but it’s hard to ignore the death of Oprah’s father because … well, it’s the Biggest Thing That Has Ever Happened.



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