Another Worthless PM Bites the Dust

Another British PM bites the dust. How so very far we are from the days of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

But it’s worse than that.

In America or Britain — or anywhere, really — we no longer even get halfway decent mediocre prime ministers or Presidents. They’re all sub-mediocre trash. Or worse. Like the Bidens, a legalized and thoroughly mobilized crime family. Our officials are JUST HORRIBLE. But there are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason. And I mean a rational reason. We have rotten presidents and prime ministers because our culture has become rotten. The intellectuals and academics, who are supposed to feed us truth, feed us lies. The media, who’s supposed to feed us objectivity, spews out propaganda more dishonest than a state-run media. Our cultural celebrities won’t concentrate on good work (even the talented ones); they’re all just hacks for the corporate, authoritarian Stupid State.

We have bad “leaders” because we won’t take the lead for ourselves. We submit to this garbage. Most of us pay money for it, and vote for it. That’s why Boris Johnson will be followed by another sub-atrocity. And then another. Ditto for America. Until we CHANGE. These awful politicians are like cockroaches. They’re just doing what cockroaches do, after the nuclear event. You really can’t blame them for being cockroaches. You have to blame all of us, for giving them a context in which to flourish.



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