What Was Really Happening January 6

Gas was $1.93 per gallon.

There was no major inflation.

Supply chain was functioning well.

Economy was the strongest in 50 years.

The nation’s border was controlled and secure.

Taliban wasn’t armed with U.S. artillery.

Plenty of workers to fulfill labor needs.

Stock market was at record highs. 401K’s had record high values.

Interest rates were at record lows.


Increasingly, the question is not: How stupid and evil are leftists? We already know their stupidity and evil are bottomless pits.

The real question has to do with the millions who still support and even vote for them.

The real question is: Why do so many millions of people HATE life; HATE freedom; HATE capitalism (which is economic freedom); and, most of all, HATE themselves and their children and grandchildren? They must hate them. Otherwise, why would they leave their children and grandchildren the wreckage they’re begging Biden and company to create?

What other motive than HATE would explain why you would endorse and even applaud such a rapid decline in conditions — and scream for more and more of the same?

The world has gone mad. People are literally orchestrating their own annihilation.

I suppose if we’re to save it, we must understand WHY.



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