Bigger than Roe v. Wade: Terrorism Now Rules America

Think about it: A law proposing to protect Supreme Court justices from being murdered is controversial. Why? Because one party (the minority) thinks all Supreme Court justices should be protected from violence; and the other party (the one in power, plus RINOs) believes only Supreme Court justices with certain views should be physically protected.

They can rationalize it all they want. THIS is what it boils down to.

It’s not even all that partisan. The new Republican Governor of Virginia — yet another RINO, it turns out — had the power to use state troopers to better protect Justice Kavanaugh, who was nearly murdered by a leftist (without so much as a word of condemnation from Biden or anyone in his regime). But that Republican Governor, the last I read, said that he would defer to the federal government on such protection. Well, we know the federal government’s position: If you’re a leftist, you will be protected; if you’re not a leftist, then not so much. The RINO Governor of Virginia knows that too.

When dealing with evil, you cannot NOT pick a side.

The most interesting part to watch will be how the Roe v. Wade reversal decision goes. If it is overturned, then — even if you dislike the decision — you will know that terrorism from our own government at least did not carry the day. If Roe v. Wade is NOT overturned, and if Justice Kavanaugh (a long-time anti-abortion conservative) votes NOT to overturn it, then we’re going to know for sure: Terrorism rules America now.

Somehow, if we’re honest, I think we already know that.




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