I have heard the January 6 “hearings” compared to a Stalinesque show trial. Correct. These absurd performances also demonstrate what happens when (1) you have no facts or evidence to back up your claims and (2) you count on your audience neither to notice nor care.

These abusive scum — Pelosi and Cheney at the top of the pack — are side-effects, not causes. They are symptoms of a sick society. No, not everybody in our society is sick. The people who are NOT sick are not even paying attention to this. The people to whom this totalitarian, transparently dishonest circus DOES matter are already beyond redemption, whether in character or mental health. They were goners to begin with, and this merely fuels their neuroses and psychoses.

The problem is that no society — certainly no free republic — can carry on with anything close to people like this in power. Pelosi and Cheney are the literal embodiment of evil, by any standard of intelligence, honesty, integrity or goodness. Yet the underlying lack of critical thinking, lack of love of liberty and general moral and psychological impoverishment … those are the REAL things that are killing us. A “culture” is only as good as the people running it, and the people consuming what the culture has to offer. The people running our culture (business, government, entertainment, corporations) are rotten to the core. And, sadly, many of the American people (not all, but many) are just as bad. It makes sense, because they’re becoming the awful things our rotten culture produces.

We can’t go on like this. Is there an end in sight?



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