“It’s here, we are here to produce it.”

“I’ve been in oil and gas for a decade and sometimes forget how the average person may not know what I see everyday.

We, the American people, have enough oil and gas under our feet to supply our demand and also export our products for years to come.

No matter your political opinion, we can all agree the gas prices we see now are upsetting.

What everyone needs to understand is that the high gas prices are not because of some conflict overseas – prices were high well before that.

The prices are not high because our American supply simply vanished.

The prices are high because the people who run our country have decided to import oil from another country instead of using our very own American made product.


Using our own product creates lower prices, puts hard working American people to work with very good paying jobs and makes us as a country energy independent – Not dependent on another country to survive.

We all saw that not long ago.

Not only have the people in power decided to kill American jobs and create high prices, but they’ve also passed legislation to make it harder for an American oil and gas company to produce & transport our very own product.


Forget for one second who was President when our prices at the pump were low and our economy was booming and realize that that person was simply “For the people”. If you take away your dislike for DJT, you’ll admit that you miss those times and enjoyed them. Your 401K was higher, gas prices were lower and we were booming as a country.

Now after a year of our current admin, you’ll realize that these people are “not for the people”. They are for themselves and their foreign business deals.

The high gas prices should be enough for you to see that.

The supply is still here, the hard-working Americans to produce it are still here.

Having a booming economy is still possible.

So no matter what you’re told by the news, realize that if we had people in power who were for us Americans, it could be as good it was before.

Nothing has changed as far as oil and gas from 2016-2020 to the last year.

It didn’t just dry up.

It’s here, we are here to produce it.

We can go back to lower prices at the pump.

All we need is the people in power to want that.

Lastly, since we all got to witness someone running our country for four years who truly wanted the best “for the people” as we can clearly see the “then & now” comparison as we speak. Remember every media outlet and political person wanted you to hate him, wanted to impeach him and did everything they could do be against him.

They were against the man who wanted things to be good for US, the American people.

Those same people are not against the current leadership.

Makes you wonder who’s side they’re all on….”


–BP Oil Executive
Brice Cromwell




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