Are WE the Generation that Lost America?

The biggest problem with today …

There’s no justice.

We endured COVID fascism for over two years — with no consequences for the guilty parties. Virtually all of the offending governors, mayors and Presidents are still in office. Ready to strike at the first sneeze, so long as it suits their political whims of the moment.

We endured obvious election fraud in 2020. No consequences. All those who benefited from the fraud are in office, licking their chops over their next “reelections.” Anyone who questions the results is silenced. We’ve even got a Disinformation Board in place, headed by a lunatic and backed by the power of the strongest government/military/police of what was once the strongest nation in human history.

And remember Canada? The Prime Minister-turned-dictator not only arrested and imprisoned the peaceful, heroic protesters against that government’s COVID fascism; it froze the bank accounts of the people who gave a mere $10 or $20 to support them. It’s THAT bad. Yet it’s all over now. It’s forgotten. Everyone who did these terrible things is still in office. You can believe they will be worse the next time. They have learned nothing, because there’s nothing to learn: except that formerly free people will now tolerate ANYTHING.

Celebrities, sports stars and corporate executives say stupid, insane, collectivist, irrational and racist things on Twitter. No consequences for them. I’m not suggesting there should be legal consequences for whatever they say. But THEY certainly suggest the same against those of us who dissent. Remember, Mark Zuckerberg pleaded for government regulation. Not because HE wants to be regulated. He believes what our dictators believe. He knows he’ll be safe under their rule; he just wants to make sure that rule is imposed on all of us. Zuckerberg is an undeserving billionaire-fascist. So are all the others — virtually every wealthy CEO of every big company is a Green Fascist/Medical Fascist/Communist. They don’t deserve to do well, or be happy. Yet there they remain — egging on our literal destruction.

Black Lives Matter organized an armed terrorism campaign against America’s great cities, with the open endorsement of the mayors and Governors charged with protecting those cities. Not only did all the killers and destroyers of property go free. Their leaders wine and dine on the finest food and booze in the most gigantic oceanfront mansions on the East and West coasts. They sneer and laugh at their own supporters who funded it all, and who will continue to fund it all.

There is no justice. That’s a demoralizing thing. It takes its toll on the human spirit. The demoralization will ultimately come back to bite the powers that be. At point, in some way, heads will roll. Look at human history: The French Revolution. The Russian Revolution. Many others. Most of these did not lead to better results. The fall of the Soviet empire — a glorious moment back in 1991 — eventually led to Putin.

Probably the only revolution ever to end well was the American Revolution. The benefits of THAT revolution were amazing, and lasted for 200-plus years. And unless everything massively changes and reverses — completely and totally — this will be the generation who lost it all.




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