Is the Red Wave Coming to the Rescue?

Here’s the problem: Biden’s collapsing popularity in every demographic group does not mean good news for Republicans. It only means the people who voted for Biden will now say, “Let’s get the real deal — AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, etc.” Biden has delivered on every one of their agenda items (including, it appears, writing off all student loan debt). But he’s old, doddering, and not cool. The people who were depraved or stupid enough to vote for Biden in the first place will NOT turn to Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis or any meaningful alternative to our literally Communist status quo.

And then there’s the problem of fraud. But even if you accept the 2020 election results as bereft of fraud, those of us who are still rational and freedom-loving must accept the hard truth: Millions of us are NOT rational and are not freedom-loving. They will move from Biden to AOC, or some equivalent. If you know any leftists, or have known any — you know they ARE that depraved and stupid.

And then there’s the problem of Republicans — like Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy. Even if Republicans take over all of Congress, these swamp monsters are still the swamp monsters they were 10, 20 and 30 years ago, when they were also in power (and nothing changed). They are WORSE than worthless. They create the illusion we are still a free republic when they proceed to annihilate our rights just as decisively — though less openly — than the people we’re desperately trying to throw out.

I don’t know “the” answer. I cannot fantasize that one person is coming, like Superman, to rescue us. At some point, we have to rescue ourselves — and stop pretending we don’t see what’s going on because we’re worried about upsetting or angering other people (many of whom feel secretly the same). I DO know that pinning your hopes on an election is a mistake. The events of 2020 and 2021, into this year (up through and including the Ministry of Disinformation now coming for us) prove — tragically — that we are beyond elections in America.

The people in charge of our culture and our government are not “Democrats” like we have always known them. They are brutal totalitarians. They will not let go of power, in my view. Time will tell if I’m right or wrong. I don’t see how there’s a peaceful solution to this. Go ahead and hope. But keep your reality caps on, even while you hope.




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