Ministry of Disinformation — in America!?

As everyone knows by now, Biden’s regime has created a ministry of “Disinformation.” It remains to be seen whether a court will ultimately strike it down, and whether that will even matter. As with lockdowns and vaccination mandates, the damage will already be done by the time any court comes to the rescue, if it does.

Biden, his family, his cronies and everyone else who works for him should immediately be arrested, tried and prosecuted — to say nothing of being removed from power — for even SUGGESTING such a thing as a bureau of Disinformation. And yet they have formed one, fully intending to implement horrors unprecedented in a society previously inhabited by mostly free people.

Think about the term “disinformation.” It implies: absence of facts; or counter to facts. They want us to believe that they’re ONLY outlawing falsehoods.

But in a free country, the government does not get to decide what is truth and what is falsehood. And it’s not facts that interest them. If the facts support the criminal proof behind Hunter Biden’s laptop, you’re still labeled a “disinformationist” if you even talk about it. The nasty, twisted woman Biden has put in charge of his Disinformation Ministry reportedly said that it’s “dangerous to democracy” to make fun of Kamala Harris — as if Kamala Harris didn’t do this to herself every time she opens her mouth. Even the overwhelming majority of Democrats agree with this.

But what’s true or untrue is not the point. The only point here is that you MAY NOT say things the government does not like you to say. If you do, then the Department of Homeland Security will be on your back. These people do not care about facts or truth. They only care about their OWN version of the truth coming out, and any facts counter to their version being suppressed.

Lots of people tell me every day, “Biden is bad, but this isn’t a dictatorship.” If a ministry of truth does not constitute a dictatorship, then what in the world does?

The American Revolution was triggered by far less. Bidenistas should be literally running for their lives right now. Instead, they continue to wreck our civilization, decimate our freedoms and laugh while doing it. What has gone wrong with the majority of the American people to let this happen?




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