Will Elon Musk Drain Twitter’s Swamp?

“FCC commissioner shoots down ‘absurd’ claim that the federal government can block Musk’s Twitter purchase” [Fox headline]

Absurd? Not at all. The woke American leftists who still work at Twitter, and now operate (no doubt) an underground Swamp, don’t see a problem with undermining Elon Musk’s ownership of the company.

The same people who assert that Mark Zuckerberg has a right to operate Facebook as he sees fit suddenly do NOT see Elon Musk as having that right … while Zuckerberg still does, of course.

They engage in such brazen, hypocritical contradictions because they live in the psychological and moral equivalent of an echo chamber — WHERE ABSOLUTELY NOBODY EVER QUESTIONS OR CHALLENGES THEM. EVER.

Here’s the thing. Leftists want government-sponsored censorship — just like in Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Only THEY want to be running it.

Under Twitter, Facebook and Google, they had the equivalent of the same thing. They still do have it, and will likely always have it, under Facebook and Google.

Under Twitter, it’s in question; we have to wait and see how able and willing Elon Musk is to keep his promise of free speech.

Today’s American leftists — like all totalitarians throughout history — view this in all-or-nothing terms. They cannot and will not let this stand. Since the COVID-Biden coup of 2020-2021, I have warned you that leftists are at least as bad as the worst villains of history, Nazis and Communists included, because they’re a hybrid of the worst of those movements. With religious fundamentalism thrown in, manifested by the “return to nature” of the Green movement. Watch how they respond to even the threat of a partial loss of total control. They will not let up. They never give up, and — in recent years — they have won every single battle. Until Elon Musk, it seems.

You have to understand: They feel ENTITLED to control over what you say, do, and think. The same people who feel entitled to force you to wear a mask in the bathroom and to inject an unknown, experimental vaccine product into your body, certainly feel entitled to control ALL of your speech … rather than just 95 percent of it.




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