Left-Wing Tech Giants are NOT the Product of a Free Market

It’s interesting. I encounter people who say, in essence, “You can’t criticize Twitter or Facebook. In a free market, they can do what they want.” I agree — in a PRIVATE, free marketplace. But we don’t have a private, free marketplace. The White House press secretary has openly bragged that of course they tell Twitter and Facebook what not to post, and that they usually comply. Twitter and Facebook openly acknowledge this, and Facebook’s Zuckerberg has literally begged for “regulation” — meaning censorship. Facebook literally wants their company to be the monopolistic Government Bureau of Speech — while still making their billions in profits of course.

This is NOT a free market!

This is (strictly speaking) fascism, the system where nominally private corporations, for a profit, do the government’s bidding.

At any rate, these same people who tell you not to criticize Facebook or Twitter now do not want you to PRAISE Twitter since it’s run by free speech advocate Elon Musk (assuming he proves that he means what he says, which so far appears to be happening.) So how can you have it both ways? (1) “In a free market, a company may do what it wants. Stop criticizing Facebook and Twitter.” (2) “It’s bad that Twitter is now owned by Elon Musk, and it’s bad that this means something to you.” It’s one thing for woke, Commie-fascist leftist snowflakes to say this. But now the supposed advocates of free markets are saying the same thing. We live in truly maddening, insane times.



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