Is Secession Inevitable?

The state of Texas one day will likely have to take the border situation into its own hands if the federal government won’t help, as President Joe Biden is “just unaware of the challenges that are facing us,” Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, who is running for his state’s attorney general position, said on Newsmax Saturday.

“Texas is probably gonna have to assert its sovereignty and do the job of the federal government if they’re not going to do it for us, whether that’s constructing a wall on state lands or interdicting, apprehending, and prosecuting illegals understate trespassing law,” Bush, a Republican, said on Newsmax TV.

“Texas is a big and bold state and we’re going to have to do this job.”

A different kind of Bush, for sure! I believe it’s even worse than he says. Texas will have to secede. I believe under DeSantis, Florida will take the lead. DemComs do not believe in the Constitution, and they are no longer merely a political party; they are an occupation. Like it or not, “Democrats” are already at war with decent, freedom-loving Americans, and they will NEVER let go of power. Just watch and see. At some point, we’re going to have to face the fact that we’re already at war.



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