Green Fascism

“Energy Crisis: Italy to Ration Use of Air Conditioning, Heat, to Wean Country Off Russian Power” [Breitbart headline]

And here it is: The fully expected sequel to COVID fascism. Ayn Rand called the 1970s environmental movement “The anti-Industrial Revolution.” Now we are seeing the implementation of that revolution. Green fascism does not seek to make life better for humans; it seeks to destroy life as humans know it, and will ultimately kill millions as we go backwards in time.

It’s not mainly about Russia. It’s about Green.

In the not-too-distant future, on our present path, you will read a headline like this: “Energy Crisis: America to Ration Use of Air Conditioning, Heat, to Wean Country Off Fossil Fuels.”

I promise you: This is coming, unless we remove from power (as well as arrest and prosecute) all who imposed fascism on us with the excuse of the flu. They will try again, and the excuse with fossil fuels will make their fascism PERMANENT, this time.




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