Obama Strikes Again, Calling for Outright Censorship

Two bits of news today: One, “Three weeks after its launch, CNN’s new streaming service is already planning to shut down.”

Two, Obama again calls for censorship (“regulation”) of social media. Why? Because social media, he says, has become the main source of news and — he claims — is full of misinformation. He claims to be a First Amendment “absolutist.” Yet he wants the government to shut down SOME speech. Which speech? “Disinformation”. Defined by whom? By his guys, of course.

Leftism doesn’t sell. It can’t sell, because — especially in its current form — it’s a virulent, utterly depraved and fact-less form of anti-thinking. So what’s a leftist to do? Shut down speech the leftist does not like. In practice this means: Shut down everything true, everything sensible, rational or logical.

If Obama gets his way, everyone reading this will be shut down. And remember: His people are the only ones who can now get “elected”. His people have a near-monopoly on everything that’s said in the media. And it’s STILL not enough for them.



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