The Lawless Biden Regime and CDC Don’t Care What a Federal Judge Rules

If we had a REAL media, they would ask the obvious question: Why do we have an open borders policy where people testing positive for COVID may enter the country unrestricted; while the rest of us — already legal citizens — must still face mask and vax mandates?

Yes, a wise federal judge recently ended the mask mandates for airports, but the Biden regime and the CDC have already said, “No way.” They’re going to contest it and, in effect, ignore it. Some airports in Chicago, NYC and Philadelphia are keeping the mandates up anyway. How many people will actually follow them in all the confusion remains to be seen. So far, most Americans have been sheep. So can we blame the dictators and thugs in suits to expect any different now?

You have to understand: The Biden regime, including the CDC, is LAWLESS. They answer to nobody and nothing other than their own will. Most of America’s governors and big city mayors are the same. COVID gave them a taste of power they’ll never forget, and they’ll never relinquish. They will not only keep reimposing mandates whenever the “numbers” (translation: their feelings) lead them a certain way; they’re going to extend this to all other controls — on gas, food, electricity, Internet, who knows what else — yet to come. Remember: The precedent has been established. There’s no going back, unless we remove all of these dictators from power, and punish them for what they did.

When you allow people to be dictators and then you leave them in power, this is what you get. Don’t say you weren’t warned.




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