Rationality Returns to the Airports, Uber & Lyft — Thanks to Trump

“Uber and Lyft end mask requirements for riders and drivers. The ride-hailing services made their announcements after a federal judge struck down the government mask mandate.” [The Daily Wire]

Thank you, Trump-appointed federal judge. Another piece of the nightmare is over. Unfortunately, thanks to election fraud, we will soon have more Biden/Communist/fascist judges than ever. They will not quit hurting us, until we make them quit.


“Jen Psaki cries on podcast discussing Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ ban” [Daily Mail]

Jen Psaki cries for 5-year-old transgenders. What about the future of ALL 5-year-olds under hyperinflation, rampant crime and the impoverishment of socialism?


“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”

— Ben Franklin


If Republicans refuse to impeach Biden — at a MINIMUM — assuming they win Congress — then they are the bad guys too.

Reader reply: Harris is the deterrent. Wait until McCarthy (or Trump 😁) becomes Speaker and concurrently invoke the 25th and impeach Harris. POW!

Dr. Hurd replies: McCarthy has already said impeaching Biden is not on the table. We will need a different Speaker. And yes, impeach Biden over and over, even if he can’t be removed. And if he is removed, impeach Harris over and over. Republicans have to learn how to become mean. We are dealing with sadistic, utterly evil opponents.


Bill Gates is now the biggest farmland owner in the U.S.

In a free, rational society, an entrepreneur choosing to invest in farms would not be a threat. He would seek to meet demand, serve customers and reap profits. But Bill Gates has shown himself to be a deranged, delusional psychopath hoping to use his money to control the lives and bodies of millions. He has done as much to advance and impose health fascism as Fauci. Gates may do to our food supplies what George Soros did to elections, the First Amendment and our ruined cities. Be afraid. And learn how to grow your own food.

[See New York Post 2/27/21 for the story on Bill Gates buying up farmland]




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