How in the Hell Do You “Prepare” for Nuclear War?

Zelensky to World: “Be Ready” for Nuclear War with Russia [Breitbart 4/17/22]

How on earth do you get “ready” for nuclear war? By definition, nuclear war means death — or, worse still, a nightmarish living death.

I don’t know how to prepare for nuclear war. I do know how to PREVENT a nuclear war: Create a free, prosperous country and arm it to the teeth. We attained that under Reagan, which is why we won the Cold War. We slowly squandered it, until Trump. Then we partially got it back. Only to lose it all, almost overnight, because of the self-destructive idiocy of all who voted for Biden: Yes, each and every one of you.

So if we DO get a nuclear war in Europe, or even in America, it will be due to the weakness and almost incomprehensible stupidity of all who voted for Biden. Happy with yourselves?



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