Green Fascism: The Greatest Danger Since Hitler & Stalin (Maybe Worse)

The green movement is not merely well-intentioned but stupid. The green movement is evil.

Think about it. Green energy suppliers are for-profit companies — solar, wind, electric cars. Nothing wrong with for-profit. Nothing wrong with people buying whatever they wish to buy in a free, open market. But unlike other for-profit companies, green companies get to shut down their competitors with the force of government. Joe Biden was put in office, in part, to pay off these green companies. By shutting down oil production in the U.S. and destabilizing the world through deliberate American military weakness (remember Afghanistan?), green companies get to reduce the competition against them.

Of course, they’re doomed to lose in the end. If wind, solar and battery power were able to get the job done, they would have already won in the private market. Fossil fuels would be going the way of the horse and buggy. Instead, green companies depend on government subsidies AND (much worse) the elimination of competition through throttling and ultimately shutting down the fossil fuel industry.

Green companies still must lose, no matter what the government does, because at the end of the day their products cannot provide the energy the world requires at an affordable price.

A century ago, cars began to overtake the horse and buggy industry. This happened naturally, in the marketplace, and not through government pull. Today’s Bidenistas and other green fascists think they pull off the same thing for wind, solar and battery power by simply having the government order fossil fuel industries to shut down (indirectly, by driving up the cost so high that most will not be able to afford it.)

In such a scenario, there are no winners, except for the 1-5 percent of people who will still be able to afford fossil fuels, and who WILL, most certainly (thanks to political pull), be allowed to use it. The Biden crime families of the world and their descendants down the road will be just fine. The children and grandchildren of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Nancy Pelosi, and Jeff Bezos will still be using fossil fuels 10 and 30 and 50 years from now, most likely. 95 percent of the world will be thrown back into the 1700s or worse, and millions will actually die, because our very survival depends on the use of fossil fuels for heating, air conditioning, and the transportation of life-saving medical and other supplies, like food. When fossil fuels go away in 2030 or whenever, with nothing but inadqeuate battery-charged cars and trucks to replace them, millions are going to die.

THIS is what makes green fascism not just dysfunctional but EVIL. Biden, the people who work for him and the people he works for, are orchestrating the greatest mass murder since the purges of Stalin and the extermination campaigns of Hitler. If allowed to continue, these campaigns and edicts of green fascism will probably kill more than Hitler or Stalin.

Thank you for that, you sanctimonious Biden voters and ignorant supporters of the green movement.




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