A “Red Wave” Won’t Do. We Need a Revolution.

“Chuck Todd began with the latest NBC poll — taken between March 18-22 of this year — in which 71% of respondents said that the United States was headed in the wrong direction. Todd said that number, along with the corresponding low number (22%) who believed America was on the right track, could spell a lot of trouble for Democrats going into November’s midterms.” [Fox News]

So what? DemComs control the media, and most Americans have shown through their response to COVID fascism that “gullible and weak” are rather kind words to describe them.

What’s to stop DemComs from creating a crisis to stop elections from happening in November if it continues to look like they will be slaughtered at the ballot box? They are not “Democrats.” They are a horrific hybrid of Marxist, fascist, green nutjobs who are capable of anything–and who know from recent experience they can get away with literally anything.

And even if Republicans win: Do you seriously think Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney are going to restore American freedom?

We don’t need a “red wave.” We need a revolution.




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