Kamala and Joe Go to War

It’s so sad. One of the arguable benefits of nuclear weapons is they put an end to wars like WWI and WWII (pre-Hiroshima). Yet here we are, in 2022, seemingly finding ourselves in another WW I. Even worse, it will probably end with the use of nuclear weapons, given Putin’s insanity and Biden’s darkly comical weakness.

How can the U.S. possibly win here? And when has Europe ever won anything without the U.S.? The American military is hollowed out in terms of manpower, thanks to the vax mandate, which removed from duty the most independent and patriotic of soldiers. And it’s hollowed out intellectually, thanks to the open racism and Marxism being imposed by top brass Obama holdovers and Bidenistas. How can a fighting force brainwashed to DESPISE their own country possibly be expected to win? Observe the disaster in Afghanistan last summer. Ideas have consequences. Even the greatest military in all of human history can only take so much.

So that leaves us with a military draft, should we end up in a sequel to WW I. Good grief. Can anyone picture these mask-wearing, free tuition-demanding, Bernie Sanders-loving socialists on a champagne budget TWITS going overseas to fight Ruskies in a conventional war? Can you see them putting their cell phones down long enough? It will NEVER happen. I recognize there are magnificent young people out there who can probably do just about anything. But I dare you to challenge my assertion that they are most surely in the minority.

People my age had parents of the greatest generation, WW II. Most of them are gone now. These wiser souls would be rendered speechless by the spectacle of Joe and Kamala acting the part (badly) of puppets with an agenda self-evidently programmed on auto-destruct for America. There are no Pattons, no Eisenhowers, no MacArthurs, no Churchills, no Trumans today. There are only the demented, nasty court jester and his incoherent, apparently illiterate cackling sidekick. It does injustice to the concept “incompetence” to label them as such. These morons on speed are nothing less than some kind of horrific, cosmic, utterly metaphysical sick joke. America: What did you do SO wrong to deserve the fate of Kamala and Joe taking us down after the greatest run of freedom and prosperity in the history of mankind?

Assuming there really is a war in Ukraine as deadly as we’re told there is (given a media properly labeled sociopathic in its dishonesty), I can only say GOD HELP US ALL if this growing conflagration in Eastern Europe and Ukraine turns into a conventional war of snowflakes vs. the Russian Bear. I repeat: We will not win.



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