America Needs a Divorce. We CANNOT Go On Like This.

Isn’t a break up of America preferable to a federal government run with the same policies as Venezuela and Cuba? Remember: Election fraud is not resolved.

People say it’s not feasible. Too much anarchy, too much disruption. That’s true.

But look at the status quo. Inflation is skyrocketing. The price of gas is skyrocketing. The only solutions are to decrease government spending, taxes and regulation. Under the leftist regime in power, taxes, regulation and spending will only go up. If the will to increase them declines, they’ll simply use the media to create another COVID crisis, or something similar, and then justify “emergency” spending that way. The other way to reduce the cost of fuel and everything else (since everything depends on fuel) is to restore the American oil industry. In words and deed, Biden has made clear that will NEVER happen. And he means it. It will be the same with anyone brought in to replace him. The regime is the regime, and whether Biden, Harris or anyone else is its figurehead will not matter.

Election integrity is not resolved. As it stands, there’s no way any Republican — especially a meaningful one, like Donald Trump was, since his policies actually differed from the leftist policies — can win. All we need is an early morning data dump in swing states, which the media will believe — and social media will enforce belief in — and the Democrats are set. Add to this the precedent, now established, that in-person voting and voter ID laws can all be curtailed because of some real or alleged “pandemic.” Plus illegal alien, Democrat-voting immigrants shipped around the country, especially to crucial red states like Florida and Texas, can and will turn those red states purple, and ultimately blue. As AOC herself admitted in a Texas speech recently, it’s only a matter of time.

There’s no end to what fraud can accomplish with people so corrupt, and therefore so committed to it. And so good at it — especially in a largely uncritical, unthinking population. You can say God is in charge, and “This is America — it can’t happen here”, all you want. Facts are facts, and the victories of the bad guys have been overwhelming and unrelenting. Not because the bad guys are so strong, but because they get NO opposition.

There comes a point where all the disruption engendered by a breakup of American states is LESS of a disruption than continuing on in the status quo.

It’s not my job to convince you that a breakup of the Union now run by a lawless, corrupt regime is a good thing. It’s YOUR job to convince ME that we can keep on going like we are, with no end in sight thanks to election fraud and willful media blindness.

Texas can break away and start up the oil industry. So can other red states. Florida is already moving ports now shut down in California to the east coast, and increasingly ignoring the federal insanity. Like it or not — and believe it or not — the breakup is already underway.


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