Duty: The Root of All Evil

Duty — defined as mindless allegiance to some external value, like country or collective — is NOT a virtue. No matter what you’re told, or what you think … you’re WRONG.

Think about the Russian brutality in Ukraine. Without the idea of duty to country and collective, Putin would not be able to get young Russians to invade Ukraine and essentially destroy their fellow country men.

The opposite of duty is independent thought. Independent thought is a virtue. If it’s war you oppose, you ought to be the strongest advocate of independent thought. A Russian culture dominated by independent thought would not have elevated a Putin, much less carried out Putin’s evil invasion of Ukraine.

Yet the leftists who run American government and culture — while generally against military force and wars — are the strongest proponents of duty you will find. Look at their disgraceful behavior during the faux “pandemic.” Take the shot, wear a mask, shut down all opposing thought, or even questions — or else. All of this was premised on the idea of duty. The leftists mean duty to the Party, i.e., to the leftist celebrities, billionaires and pseudo-intellectuals who dominate everything in our society.

It doesn’t really matter whether it’s duty fostered by Putin, or duty fostered by Joy Behar, Mark Zuckerberg and Rachel Maddow. It’s all sick, it’s all evil and it’s all MINDLESS.

If you are a Putin, a Stalin, a Hitler — or even a hapless Biden — you simply cannot do anything irrational and evil without the help of people who subscribe to the idea of duty. If you want to defeat evil, then you first have to uphold the idea of independent thought and individualism. These are what once made America great. For a brief shining moment of human history, individualism rose above blind duty, and look what it accomplished.



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