With the Scamdemic Winding Down, Will it be “Back to Normal”?

COVID is winding down — at least for now. The precedent has been set for lockdowns, mask mandates, vax mandates and all the rest. You can be sure those (and additional) tactics will be used again and again, the next time we have a flu season, and the next time the tyrants (all of them still in power) feel like it.

Yet for COVID to wind down at all, something else must be in the works.

Tyrants don’t want to relinquish their power. They have something more in mind.

It might have to do with Russia; it might have to do with the upcoming Congressional elections. But you can be certain: They have something in mind.

This is not a “conspiracy theory.” It’s the nature of human psychology. Most people don’t want to control others, at least not on the scale that sociopaths and narcissists do. Our corporate and political worlds (now one and the same) are dominated by sociopaths and narcissists. It’s a marvelous time to be them. Throughout 2020 and 2021, they got away with things that would have been unbelievable as recently as 2019.

Given the near-total lack of any principled opposition, they have an unblinking green light to go further. My bet is on the green agenda. Manipulating world events (angering Putin, curbing oil drilling in America) to raise gas prices is well underway. That will force people (they think) to adopt otherwise unsustainable, uneconomical “green” energy. Of course, we won’t adopt green energy until or unless it’s affordable and it works, which it presently isn’t and likely will never be. So, by raising gas and energy prices, all they’ll do is impoverish the middle class and leave the 1 percent politically connected elites in charge of everything (including what you say, think, write and do in daily life). Fun! But that’s what happens when the great majority will not fight back or resist as America’s founding colonists did.

Probably a third of Americans — that truly sick, twisted third who actually think Biden is doing a great job and we’re on the right track — actively encourage more tyranny. They want to be controlled, and they want dictators to control others because they are sick and watching others suffer makes sick, evil people feel good.

Brace yourself. Granted, I’m asking you to brace yourself for what you do not know — and cannot know. But I guarantee with 100 percent certainty: There is no “back to normal.” Thinking we can get back to normal would be like thinking — if Hitler and the Nazis had WON World War II — “now that the shooting’s over, we’ll be just as we were before.” No. If we had unseated, defeated, prosecuted and jailed the criminals (Fauci, Biden, governors, mayors, school boards) who did this to us, it would be a different story. But they haven’t been held accountable and it looks like they never will be. So they’re on to their next obscenity.

It won’t be pretty, because life under tyranny never is. But unless or until you find the will and the courage to fight back — REALLY fight back — then it’s only going to get worse.



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