It’s Time for Patriotic Freedom Lovers to Become MEAN

The problem with liberty lovers and patriots is that we are not MEAN enough.

Our opponents are vicious; and mean. After all, they’re totalitarians. Totalitarianism is based on BRUTE FORCE. The initiation of brute force is wrong; it’s mean.

I’m not suggesting we respond by becoming totalitarians. I am suggesting we respond in a way fitting to the threat.

For starters, this means: Being willing to morally shame them. Why? Because they are shameful. Forcing people to endure experimental medical treatments is vicious. It’s insane. Forcing people to force their children to endure experimental medical treatments is, if anything, worse. Ditto for lockdowns, masks and all the other things that our state, local and federal governments now do without hesitation.

Too many of us are willing to criticize these people in private, or in our own minds, but not to their faces. And, more importantly, too many of us are too frightened to tell people in our communities and families that we believe what they’re supporting is SHAMEFUL.

Seeking conflict for its own sake is not healthy. But conflict is unavoidable. Conflict has found US — like it or not. We have lost our liberties. Even if the experimental vaccine doesn’t end up killing millions of people, it’s not the point. The point is that we have now established the principle that we must put into our bodies whatever the government tells us to put into our bodies — simply because the government says so, and mislabels it “science.”

That is not America. That is not a free country. It’s shameful beyond words. It’s shameful beyond anything that went on at the time America was first founded. Today’s tyrants in California, New York, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, Delaware, Michigan and Minnesota make the British royal tyrants of 1776 seem like nothing. And today’s tyrants are just getting started. We know that because of 100 percent of their actions, daily. We know that because they tell us so, and they laugh and sneer as they do it.

It’s beyond masks and vaccinations. Those are not trivial things. But the principle has been established that government may do whatever it wishes, whenever it wishes to whomever it wishes. A third of our population is irredeemably lost. These are the true blue leftists who watch nothing but MSNBC and who dominate not only the deep blue states, but the whole culture. Another third of the country are genuine patriots, and they will (I still believe) reach a point of no return, and will turn on the present, rotten-to-the-core establishment in government and culture. The middle third worry me. These are the people who know the ends and means of the totalitarians are wrong, but are afraid of being shamed. These are the people who must learn how to become MEAN. And we have to support them in that quest.

This is no time for kindness to your fellow man — not if your fellow man hires government thugs to place a gun at your neck or a boot on your throat. Get it through your heads: THIS is what they’re doing. Virtually every government in human history has been authoritarian, to one degree or another; since the 20th century, we have seen the unspeakable brutality of totalitarian governments. All of the evidence tells me that today’s leftists are WORSE than anything we have yet seen in all of history.

Stop being nice. Stop worrying about what others think of you. Stop caring what people who wish to annihilate your liberty for their own neurotic (or psychotic) reasons think. What they think does not matter. What matters is that we stop them. Now.


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