“Misinformation” is the New “Racism”

Celebrities are screaming about “misinformation.” They scream “misinformation” like they used to scream “racist! racist!” whenever anyone made a logical point they could not counter.

“Many of the things that we thought of as ‘misinformation’ just a short while ago are now accepted as fact,” Joe Rogan said on a Sunday message posted on Facebook.

Eloquently put.

Unfortunately, Rogan is trying to appease the wolves attacking him by saying things like, “I’ll try harder.” [see Breitbart 1-31-22] He doesn’t understand leftists; or, if he does, he’s evading their nature. They are like snakes. They are like wild, rabid animals — only far worse. Leftists smell weakness and they go for the kill. You cannot wobble with a leftist. You must stare a leftist down, never blink, and never, ever waver. THIS is what makes them quiver and disappear into nothing. Anything less — and, as we’ve seen — they will win.

They claim they want science, not misinformation. Who doesn’t?

But what they call science is government propaganda backed up by government edicts. Challenge, questioning, hypothesizing, proof, ruling out of theories, controlled studies — NONE of those are allowed. We may not even speak of those things. If we dare speak of any of those things, we are shamed, moralized, threatened, censored on a “voluntary” basis — and, if all else fails, we will be censored by the government. The First Amendment? They ignore the rest of the Constitution on a daily, hourly basis. What makes you think they care about the First Amendment?

Here’s what passes for information, as opposed to “misinformation”, in the early 21st Century:

If you get the vaccine, plus an unlimited number of boosters, and you get COVID (as most who take the vaccine do), then it’s the the fault of people who did not get the vaccine.

If 100 percent — not 98 percent, not 99 percent — but if 100 percent of the population gets the vaccine, then NOBODY will ever get symptoms of COVID again. That’s what we’re told, or at least what is always implied.

If you get the vaccine and don’t get COVID symptoms, that proves the vaccine works.

If you get the vaccine and you DO get COVID symptoms, we do not speak of it. It’s “misinformation.”

If you don’t get the vaccine and you DO get COVID symptoms, that proves the vaccine works.

If you don’t get the vaccine and you do NOT get COVID symptoms, we may not speak of it. It’s “misinformation.”


Does this sound like science to you? Does this sound like sound information? Or does this sound like some kind of corrupted misinformation?

We’re not allowed to speak of it. THAT’S the sinister, sick and evil part of all this. It’s the timeless cliche of human nature at its worst. It’s an elephant in the living room. We may not speak of it; we may not even acknowledge that there are elephants. To do so is the greatest sin imaginable. The emperor has no clothes. (Our emperor has no brain.) You may not speak of it. In fact, you show your moral superiority by speaking as if the emperor does have clothes on, even though he plainly does not.

The people who perpetuate this insane, self-refuting, utterly, brazenly irrational NONSENSE are the very people who accuse anyone who thinks or questions as guilty of “Misinformation.”

“Misinformation” is the new racism. Leftists used to charge you with racism for saying anything that made sense, anything they disagreed with, and usually anything that had nothing whatsoever to do with race.

It has finally wore thin. Now they’re using the term “misinformation” to silence you. They’re hoping it will work through social pressure and intimidation of corporations, most of whom are easily intimidated by leftists (though not by anyone else). If intimidation does not succeed in completely eradicating the modern equivalent of people saying, “Wow, that emperor has no clothes,” then can a Government Information Police office be far behind? What’s to stop them, given that they have — in the last two years — attained ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING they demand, when it comes to culture?

At some point, we have to start fighting back. Really fighting hard, like they do. If we keep acting like Joe Rogan — “I’m sorry, I’ll do better” — then we’re building our own gulags. Mark my words.


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