The Surgeon General is Hazardous to Your Health

Biden’s Surgeon General is commanding Big Tech media companies to censor Joe Rogan, a highly popular podcaster who challenges some of the government and the Party’s COVID narrative.

For generations, brave people have literally shed blood so that America’s First Amendment rights could be preserved. Now we have this pitiful morally and intellectually challenged TWIT standing ready to silence a popular and accurate Internet broadcaster for daring to make the government doom profiteers look stupid and deceptive–WHICH THEY ARE. If Rogan is silenced by Communist Democrat intimidation, then it will be America’s most shameful hour.


“Stay home. Save lives.”

That would be a solid U.S. foreign policy.

–Mike Maharrey @mmaharrey10th


Picking or rejecting a nominee for the Supreme Court based on race alone is RACIST. The specifics do not matter. IT’S RACIST.


Ian Roden @ianrodenppc:

People often ask me why I hate government so much.

Only government could use your own money to sign a deal with a company to manufacture a drug, grant the manufacturer immunity from liability if anything goes wrong with the drug, and then punish you for not taking the drug.


Forget “politics.” Your neighbors and fellow citizens COERCING you to live, think, speak and make personal or medical decisions according to THEIR wants and demands is unacceptable, nonnegotiable and unsustainable. Period.


NOT getting COVID now matters more than:

Not dying of a heart attack
Not getting cancer
Maintaining serenity and sanity
Making a living
Education of children

The central purpose of life now is: NOT GETTING a virus with a 99.99 percent survival rate.

It’s all that matters. It has become THE central purpose for millions of people glued to their media.

If this isn’t madness, there is no such thing as madness.


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