Boris Johnson is NOT a Hero

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is turning off ALL COVID fascism restrictions. Wow. Phenomenally good news, right? Not really.

If Boris Johnson cared anything — even slightly — about freedom, he never would have imposed the COVID fascism restrictions in the first place. If Britain had a just government, Johnson would have been seized by any means necessary, arrested and stopped in his violence against the citizens of the country whose rights he had sworn to uphold. When a duly elected Prime Minister openly violates the rights of the people who elected him, that’s the proper course of action (ditto for Governors and Presidents in America.)

Applauding and celebrating Boris Johnson now is like telling a wife beater who suddenly stops and becomes nice, “Wow. You’re a hero.” That wife beater is still subject to domestic violence laws, and should be. The victim of his abuse would be right never to trust him again — or at least, not for a very long time. And even then, she would never consent to be alone with him again, much less still married to him.

Admittedly, Johnson’s words in literally deleting the COVID fascism are extraordinary. The government will now leave it to the judgment of individuals to decide whether to wear masks, vaccinate and the like. How to handle offices and working from home are between employers and employee. Imagine that happening in most of America — leaving aside states like Florida, Texas or a few others. Compared to the last two years, it seems like freedom. But prior to 2020, IT ALWAYS WAS FREEDOM. And now we’re supposed to thank and praise the very tyrants who instigated and maintained the fascism for turning off the fascism … for now?

People don’t understand the importance of principle. They grudgingly wear their masks and show their vaccination cards when commanded. When no longer commanded to do so, they’re like children let out for recess, or let off detention. This is not adulthood. This is NOT freedom. This is NOT the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Bill of Rights nor even rights as subjects of the British empire have known them for the last century or two.

The precedent has been established: In Britain, as in everywhere else on the planet, the head of state may declare an emergency for any reason he wishes, any time he wishes, without reference to any other branch of government, any other law, any other custom, any principle of common sense, any principle of real science … for any reason at all. And then he can turn off the “emergency” any time he wishes.

It doesn’t even make sense on its own terms. As one commentator who praised Johnson admits, “Astonishingly, Boris Johnson made this seminal declaration at the height of the flu season during which Britain has been posting record numbers of COVID cases.”

So if it’s NOT an emergency now, when the (alleged) numbers of the cold and flu are actually higher than at many other points in the past two years, then why end the fascism now? Why not later? Or why not a year ago? No answer is given.

The government that may turn fascism on and off without accountability for the cold or flu will eventually do it for other actual or claimed reasons — a racism emergency, a fossil fuel emergency, etc. There is no limit to the scope of such actions once the precedent is established.

There’s a reason why Adolf Hitler, had he lived, would not have been permitted to retain power in Germany. Johnson — and all the others, Biden and most of America’s governors included — are moral and legal criminals. They should be held accountable for what they’ve done, and what most of them are still doing … before they use their newfound power to do even worse.




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