Yes, Virginia: The Synagogue Shooter DOES HAVE Islamic Ties

It’s now news, although a lot of networks will ignore it: The Texas synagogue shooter had radical Islamic ties.

Will the thoroughly FBI eventually admit is? It’s anybody’s guess.

Yet the Biden regime punks tell us the shooter’s choice of a synagogue was merely a coincidence, and the killer was not motivated by religion. [Photo and headline from NEWSMAX]

Imagine if Trump’s FBI claimed a mosque attack had nothing to do with religious hatred. Yet Biden’s FBI gets away with claiming an attack on a synagogue has nothing to do with religion or Jews. The attacker begged to differ. American Jews who vote for Biden’s anti-Semitic insanity: WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? Does your self-loathing run so deep that you support the most anti-Jew regime since 1930s Germany? Staggering.



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