America is Run by Mobsters and Psychopaths

Pictured: Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor, who won’t go near Republican colleagues on the high court without a mask.

Once people who crave power gain physical power over others, they don’t let it go. When you tolerate or even applaud the exercise of that power, you encourage them to triple down on their grip. That’s why the mask mandates, the vax mandates, the lockdowns and all the other things have not stopped and will not stop, not in territories run by power mad people (all the blue states in the USA, and many of the purple ones). In Delaware, for example, the governor stopped the mask mandates in May of 2021 — after 14 months. Suddenly, last week, he reinstated those arbitrary and lawless edicts, with very little explanation and no evidence of any perceived need to require an explanation. “It’s what I say; and you will do it.” People are scratching their heads. “I thought this BS was over?” No, it’s never over. When you’re dealing with glorified mobsters masking as “governors” or “legislators”, you’re still dealing with mobsters. They crave physical power, and they exercise it for its own sake. They will continue to exercise this power, easing up when they feel like it, and then reasserting it when they feel like it. They don’t even know what they’re doing, and they don’t even care; it’s the assertion of the power that matters to them. I would say that they’re animals, but that would be an insult to animals.

It’s what mobsters, criminals and sociopaths do. It’s nothing new, and it should not be surprising. It’s not “politics.” It’s human psychology — at its worst. They will continue until or unless they are physically restrained from doing these things again. Back in the spring of 2020, I would have supported then President Trump ordering these governors to stop what they’re doing, in the name of the U.S. Bill of Rights — which supercedes all of their power. Arrests of governors and high officials would have been entirely appropriate. To most, this seemed insane at the time. Now, two years later, what do you think?

I fear we are past the point where elections will make much of a difference. For one thing, in mobster areas, the elections are laughingly rigged. The unlimited exercise of government power provides every opportunity to rig an election. Case in point: “The pandamic is back. So we must have mail-in voting.” And as Stalin said, the people in power get to count the votes. Mail-in voting is not the only means of committing fraud, but it may be all these left-wing one-party mobsters in charge of blue states need. It sure worked in 2020.

It’s not going to end so long as we delude ourselves that we are NOT dealing with mobsters and sociopaths, and that this is all somehow “democratic” or characteristic of any rights-respecting republic ever known in history. These mobster governors don’t even have to pass a law. They don’t even have to go through the procedure of passing a law. “I say so. You do it.” As with masks and vaccinations, so with many, many more things to come. Believe me: the future edicts will extend well beyond “pandemics.”

For now, red states are safer than blue ones. Purple states like Virginia may hang by a thread, for a few more years. But the one-party federal regime in D.C. (forget Biden — it’s the PARTY that counts) will eventually assert total control over places like Florida and Texas, I fear. Those states will either submit, or be faced with a bloody fight. There’s no escaping that awful choice. Think Ukraine vs. Putin; or Taiwan vs. Communist China.

Nothing would make me happier than to be wrong. Show me one shred of evidence, especially from the last 24 months, that suggests I am. Show me the widespread support for freedom that’s ready to assert itself. I don’t see it. I do see psychopaths, sociopaths and legalized mobsters controlling not only all of the federal government and most of the state governments, but virtually all of the schools, the corporations, the culture and the media. Oh, and check out that picture of our Supreme Court justice in a face bubble.

Good, decent and freedom-loving people have got to figure out how to stop obeying and start challenging, before it’s really too late.



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