America’s Next Pendulum Swing Had Better Be a DOOZY

American history has been full of pendulums swinging, not just politically but culturally. Unless we’re heading into a dystopian, totalitarian, long-term nightmare (which we MIGHT be), the next pendulum swing will be momentous. Picture a tidal wave with all the Democrats, all the RINOs, all the news networks, all the lying newspapers and websites, all the traitors in the military brass, all the corporate and Hollywood phony, hypocritical elites….being swept away.

If America is true to its prior pattern, it will happen. The Civil War was followed by the Industrial Revolution. WW I was followed by the Roaring 20s. WW II was followed by I Love Lucy and Leave it to Beaver. The 1960s upheaval was followed by Reagan’s morning in America and the bombastic 80s and 90s. But if a majority continues to tolerate the viciously dishonest and ruthless authoritarianism we have been getting relentlessly the last few years, it will surely be the end.

America has seen battles between good and evil before; and in every case, good has defeated evil. What we’re dealing with now is a snickering, mocking, psychosis-induced evil on steroids. It HAS to lose. We cannot let any of it prevail. It has to be decisively and ruthlessly DEFEATED.

Failure is NOT an option.



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