Elections No Longer Matter in America

“58 Percent of Americans Believe US Democracy in Danger of Collapse”, according to a Quinnipiac poll, reported by NEWSMAX 1-13-22.

First of all, America never was a democracy. America was a Constitutional republic with a Bill of Rights. The purpose of its government was to uphold individual rights, not vote them away gradually, as we did.

Secondly, you don’t have a republic OR a democracy without election integrity. Blue and purple states are rigged in favor of one party, and will never turn red again. It’s improbable we will see a Republican president again, especially a meaningful one like a Reagan or Trump, because the Electoral College counts on the votes of these rigged blue and purple states. We saw how that worked out in 2020. On top of it all, Congress is poised to pass a “voting rights” bill that will nationalize the rigged elections in favor of one party forever.

So even if it’s democracy you want, democracy is done in America. The fact that 58 percent of the population senses this fact is not shocking. What’s shocking is that there has been so little upheaval as a result. It’s truly as if mass numbers of Americans are under sedation. I suppose when the 2022 and 2024 “elections” expose still more fraud, to say nothing of what these Communists and tyrants have in store for us next, maybe 58 percent (or even more) of the country will arise out of its slumber then. Maybe.

After all: who says there will even be elections in 2022 and 2024? Governors and Presidents can now declare “emergency” any time they wish, for any reason they wish, or for no reason at all. That’s a fact. Or maybe require a vax ID in order to vote. There goes Florida, and there goes the red wave. You think it’s crazy? Wake up: YOU ARE LIVING IN CRAZY.



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