Life Under the Dictatorship

“The Senate Democratic leader is trying to bully his own members into breaking their word, breaking the Senate, and silencing the voices of millions of citizens, so that one political party can take over our nation’s elections from the top down,” McConnell said of Schumer’s efforts to break the Senate filibuster.

Once you impose a one-party dictatorship on a previously free people, you will provoke a rage and retribution like you have never seen — in a context where the millions of enraged people will have nothing left to lose (since you took away all their rights.) Not even Stalin or Hitler were this smug, or this deluded, in their ultimately unsuccessful quests to impose totalitarian rule. Careful what you wish for, DemComs.


Politicians are the LEAST morally and LEAST intellectually qualified for ANYTHING. Yet we now let them run EVERYTHING. Without an immediate and massive reversal, it will be our ruin.

Case in point, today’s headline: “Bidenflation: Consumer Prices Surge 7 percent, Worst Since 1982”

Only the little people fear inflation. Say the punks inhabiting what they call a government.


People who still support COVID fascism are not irredeemably stupid; they are irretrievably bad.

“The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he never knows he’s in prison.” [Fyodor Dostoevsky]



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