Inalienable Rights Trump Viruses

Famed, and usually honest, attorney Alan Dershowitz says Congress, not the President, has the final authority on vaccine mandates.

I don’t agree. Congress does not have the right to force medical treatment on individuals any more than a federal bureaucracy. Our individual rights are INALIENABLE. End of story.


Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on GETTR:

Super jabbed and vaxxed AOC has #covid.

Was that from all the unvaccinated Republican men she said want to date her? 🙄
Really it’s because covid vaccines don’t actually stop anyone from getting sick with Covid-19.

“But muh mandates!” Biden cries.

Anyway, hope she feels better and too bad she spread covid all around the beautiful Florida freedom zone.

Good thing Gov Ron DeSantis believes in saving lives with monoclonal antibodies and doesn’t dole it out based on racism.



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