How Today’s Youth Will Respond to the Loss of Capitalism

As capitalism, individualism, and personal responsibility completely unravel, it will be interesting to watch the up-and-coming 20- somethings/early 30-somethings and their response to this unraveling. (Exceptions to this trend in that age group, please forgive me here.) On the one hand, the majority of them appear to oppose capitalism, individualism and personal responsibility as irrelevant at best, and racist, misogynist and otherwise “unwoke” at worst. Yet these same 20-somethings and early 30-somethings have been born into a world where those ideas and values, if not universal, were still operative. On our present course, they’re going to be faced with a world of their own creation, a world they said they wanted: a world filled with humorless, conforming, UNinnovative, UNcreative, selfless, socialist, morally and intellectually subjectivist mentalities.

How well is this going to work out for them? We already know the answer. What I want to know: How will they respond? Will they course correct and change their views, even though the America they grew up with — the product of the fading remnants of capitalism and individualism we still enjoyed in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s — will no longer be recognizable? Or will they blame some external factor — such as the weather, some virus, or some Donald Trump-like figure of the future who speaks plainly and almost just states the obvious (assuming such a figure will not be in prison or underground by then)? Or some other factor, such as, “We didn’t go far enough” … That’s what cult-like followers of utterly wrong, irrational ideas gift-wrapped as utopianism always conclude.

For those of us who last that far, it will be interesting to watch — in a scene-of-the-accident kind of way.


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