Liz Cheney: RINO Totalitarian

Turncoat Liz Cheney has told Republicans they must choose between Trump and truth; between Trump and the U.S. Constitution.

She says so without any evidence of President Trump having violated the U.S. Constitution; and, more importantly, on the premise that no evidence is necessary. Cheney is no different than AOC or Pelosi or any of the others: “It’s Trump we’re talking about. That’s all the evidence we need.”

Clearly, her personal feelings — of no importance to your or my rights, nor to the U.S. Constitution — override any concern for objective truth, even as she spews her venom in the name of objective truth.

Note that Cheney would not merely have us bring down Donald Trump, perhaps with imprisonment and certainly with the inability ever to occupy the Oval Office again — something the U.S. Constitution permits, despite her preference for a career politician (perhaps herself) in the job.

Note that Cheney would — in the name of defending the U.S. Constitution — hand us over to the one-party, fraudulent, Communist-fascist totalitarians she knows full well have taken over the opposition party she now allies hereself with.

If there’s one thing worse than a totalitarian — it’s a RINO pretending NOT to be a totalitarian when she’s making the world safe for the ruthless, authoritarian rulers she claimed to oppose a mere two years ago. She won’t acknowledge it, because her whole career is based on riding on the name of her conservative Republican father. She thinks she can have it both ways, in a world where the cool kids who sit at the cool kids’ table do all the time … a privilege she clearly and desperately seems to want.

Cheney also seeks to bring down Trump’s ideas, his movement and his policies. Trump’s policies were, by and large, the alleged platform of phony Republicans (like herself) who had run on that platform in the years prior to Donald Trump’s presidency, never meaning a word of it. John McCain promised to abolish Obamacare and yet used his lone vote, as a Senator, to ensure its permanency. Mitt Romney votes against nearly every single thing he ran on in 2012. Donald Trump was no radical for capitalism, private property or free markets; tragically, he erred gravely when he fell for the pandemic-scam and enlisted totalitarians such as Anthony Fauci to help him, paving the way for his own political demise in 2020. But President Trump was an actual Republican who espoused the very policies the Bushes, McCains, Romneys and Cheneys of the world always promised to deliver — and always, in the end, betrayed.

Thanks primarily to Donald Trump, the Republican Party has more of a backbone than it used to have. That’s not saying much, but it’s literally our only hope as the Bill of Rights people once shed their blood for hangs by a precarious thread. Perhaps the lingering spine brought about by Donald Trump’s fighting spirit will ensure that Cheney ends up out of office, very soon, and sitting where she always wanted to be — in the “expert” chair of a CNN or MSNBC talk show.



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