Justice for Karen? No Thanks to the Bidenistas and Faucifascists

A woman who was in a video that went viral over the Christmas holiday after she became highly unruly on a Delta flight has reportedly been taken into custody by the FBI following the altercation that took place while the plane was in the air.

“Police say they were called to Hartsfield-Jackson International airport last week in reference to an unruly passenger on a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta,” WSB-TV reported. “Officers and Delta employees were waiting at the gate when the plane arrived. Passengers exiting the plane told police that a passenger named Patricia Cornwall caused a ‘disturbance’ that led to the injury of other passengers and Delta employees.”

Fox 10 reported that the police officers took Cornwall into custody and later turned her over to the FBI.

In the video, which has been viewed millions of times, a woman stood over a man who was seated and repeatedly berated him for not wearing a mask while he was eating. She was not wearing a mask during the altercation.

“Stand your a*s up!” the woman yelled. “Stand your a*s up!”

“Sit down, Karen!” the man fired back. “You’re a g*****n, Karen. Sit down!”

After several more moments of an intense back-and-forth between the man and the woman, the flight crew got involved and tried to break up the situation before she struck the man in the face with her hand.

“Now you’re going to jail,” the man yelled. “That’s assault. You’re going to jail. As soon as we get to Atlanta, you’re going to jail.”

“Karen!” the man yelled.

The woman then appeared to spit in the man’s face.

“Now you spit on me, now you’re double going to jail,” the man fired back.

“You f***ing piece of s**t,” the woman yelled.

“Put your f***ing mask on!” the woman yelled as she was not wearing a mask. “Put your f***ing mask on!”

Delta Air Lines responded to the incident by telling the Daily Mail in a statement that it has a zero tolerance policy for these types of incidents.

“Flight 2790 from Tampa to Atlanta was met by law enforcement after an unruly customer disturbance during flight,” Delta said. “Situations like these are rare for the vast majority of our customers and Delta has zero tolerance for unruly behavior at our airports and aboard our aircraft.”

[You can find the full story and the video at The Daily Wire 12/27/21]


This Karen woman richly deserves whatever she gets. She should be placed in the same jail and given the same treatment as the people who attended the January 6 rally and are now denied Constitutional due process, and abused like prisoners in Cuba, for political reasons.

Because of the high level of publicity this story received, and the fact that the FBI and the Justice Department are run (at the top) by Bidenistas, I’m not hopeful any real charges will be pressed against this horrible woman. But at least she’ll experience some of the harassment she inflicted on all those people on that airplane flight. There is still some justice left in the world.

Here’s the thing. Can you really blame her for acting the way she did? The man in the White House and his top doctor had just gone on national television and the Internet. They told Americans, and the whole world, that if you don’t wear masks, and if you don’t get vaccinated for any reason, then you’re evil. They encourage open segregation of people who agree disagree with them on COVID fascism. In New York state, and elsewhere, they call for legislation to enable Governors to seize people without warrants and imprison, or do whatever they wish to them, if the Governor deems them a “threat to public health.” They encourage shaming, shunning, and just the sort of harassment this woman employed. Her toxic tyranny on the airplane is the literal implementation of what these fascists in D.C. are already imposing. You can be sure they will not denounce her for what she did. Fauci, who runs his mouth on everything under the sun, would never condemn a Karen, not for a minute; the Karens of the world are his soldiers and top henchpersons. Even if they did condemn her, they wouldn’t mean it; yet they so approve of her behavior they won’t even provide the faux denouncements that these ancient career politicians — Biden and Fauci — have provided throughout their lives.

While this woman is 100 percent responsible for her choices and her behavior, the people in charge who are spreading the same vile hostility, harassment and even persecution, are just as responsible for what’s happening in our society. I blame them — and every single one of you out there who still support them.



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