Why Are Suddenly All the Democrats in Power Getting Sick?

Last year, you almost never heard of a Democrat in power getting COVID. Only Republicans. This year, every time you turn around a Democrat “has tested positive for COVID.”  That seems strange. Why would the dishonest, one-party media conceal Democrats getting COVID last winter, while publicizing — almost bragging — about it this year?

Remember: The Democrats are always in charge, because they control the media, the schools, the universities, the think tanks, the medical establishment and the establishment of government (even when Trump was President). It’s all about optics and the narrative — nothing whatsoever about health, science or reality.

I will speculate that last year Democrats wished to show how reckless and irresponsible Republicans were, while trying to show that Democrats were clean and healthy. This year, the focus is different. They’re trying to get people to panic. Even with unprecedented voter fraud, no voter ID requirements and millions of illegal aliens being shipped in to vote, they still could lose a few elections. They must have you afraid, because it keeps them in control. Because they think you’re gullible and stupid (like they are), they want you to think, “Wow. Even those smart Democrats are getting sick. It must be really bad. I had better quadruple mask and get dozens of boosters, hunker down, duck and cover, and — above all — mock, shame and segregate anyone I suspect of not having been vaccinated. Just like our commendable President and the infallible Dr. Fauci have told us to do.”

Of course, all of this goes on while millions of people who got vaccinated get COVID. Not that the vast majority will even come close to dying of it.

We live in interesting times. Not in a good way.

No society that falls for even two percent of this can hope to survive. Our only hope is that nobody believes it. And that maybe, just maybe– one day soon — mass numbers of people will actually start to rebel against it in a big way.


[Pictured, U.S. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, just one of many prominent Democrats who has COVID.]


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