DemComs Don’t Need Legislation for “Build Back Better” — Or Anything

Democratic Communist answer to losing a legislative battle? Issue executive orders. Democratic Communist answer to losing an election? Make up new votes via subjective mail-in voting and early morning data dumps. Democratic Communist answer to losing Supreme Court cases? Stack the court until they reach a permanent majority.

They are not “Democrats.” They certainly don’t care about a Constitutional republic to uphold the rights of individuals via separation of powers. They are DICTATORS, plain and simple. They are at war with freedom no less than Hitler and the Japanese in World War II, and no less than every other enemy America has ever faced. (I believe they will prove worse, before this is over.) This is war, only because they have declared it. Biden has already said he will impose “Build Back Better” via executive edict. That took about 10 minutes. If he can spend trillions and grant government access to our bank account passwords via executive edict, then he can do anything else he wants by executive edict. Absolutely anything. Who will stop him, and by what means?

If you don’t think this is a dictatorship, then there’s nothing else to say.



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