War With China? With Biden as Commander?

On his show yesterday evening, Mark Levin said America is likely to have a war with China. He makes a case for his claim, which you can hear on his show. Basically, it boils down to the idea that weakness breeds war. Historically, that’s true. Europe appeased Hitler, and he got worse; eventually, war was unavoidable. Similarly, the Cold War escalated as the U.S. weakened and disarmed as the USSR started to invade countries. It’s like that now with Biden.

I hope Levin is wrong about war. Because think of our commander-in-chief. Biden is worse than weak. Do you want him leading the vast, strong and complex armed forces of the United States against China? If not him, then Kamala Harris? And Nancy Pelosi is next in line. Can you envision any of these three leading us and winning a war against a country like China — or even Russia?

Imagine the cockpit of an airplane. We have three pilots up there. None of them know how to fly. They think they do, which makes them even more dangerous. The one in the head pilot’s seat is demented, goofy and corrupt.

It’s not a pretty picture.



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