Will America Reach the 300-Year Mark?

On Breitbart radio this morning, historian Craig Shirley pointed out that historically, republics don’t go beyond a third century. He said he doesn’t believe even America is special enough to go into a full third century. He cited evidence that America is already on the verge of breaking apart, evidence we can all see daily.

But deeper than that, he pointed out Andrew Breitbart’s statement that “politics is downstream from culture.” Culture refers to the hearts and minds of actual individuals. As Shirley stated, a man living in Texas and another man living in Massachusetts or New York City have very little in common, other than possibly watching the same shows on Netflix or Amazon (if even that). Our differences run deep. Think of how impossible it now is to associate with people who have differing political views. It’s not just about “politics” anymore. It’s culture. It’s people. It’s about being forced to get medical treatment the government deems fitting; it’s about whether or not you wear a mask; it’s about giving up your weapons of self-protection; it’s about not being able to call on the police if you live in a woke city and you aren’t a member of a politically connected group; it’s about being forced to pay for Communist indoctrination of children in government-run schools (your own children, or the children of others); and it’s about losing your right to freedom of speech. It’s about accepting election results that are clearly questionable and being labeled a “domestic terrorist” if you even wonder aloud about the early morning data dumps after your candidate was way ahead just an hour earlier.

Politics and government are downstream from culture. And our culture is deeply, deeply divided. At some point, divorce will seem like a better option — if not the only option.



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